Packing for 8 Months


What does a maximalist pack, into half a suitcase, when moving overseas for 8 months? This was the question i asked myself when my husband and i decided to pack up, with our two daughters, aged 3 and 0, and move to France. I am someone who enjoys having a large and varied wardrobe, so the thought was a bit daunting. However I was also a bit excited about being  forced to live with a minimalist  wardrobe. I love reading blogs of women who live with a minimalist wardrobe, or a capsule wardrobe. It’s something that I’m almost certain, in my everyday life, I would never do this. I enjoy options. To decide what to pack I turned to trusty Google and found this post by apairandaspare on the ideal number of items to pack for carry on luggage, she calls it the 5,4,3,2,1 guide: 5 tops 4 bottoms 3 dresses 3 shoes 2 swimsuits 2 bags 1 hat watch sunnies I decided to double it as we will be there during winter and summer. I did the same for both my girls. I did some tweaking, there is no way I will need 4 swimsuits. Everything fitted into our two suitcases. Although we are allowed to take 3 suitcases I wanted to have enough space to bring home some purchases. My husband and I spent our final evening at home packing, and drinking the last of our wedding champagne.


I’m an Australian mum living in France. In July 2015 my husband and I packed up our lives and, with our two daughters, moved to France to study French and experience a different style of life. Welcome to our adventures