Living Without “Stuff”


I recently read this post by the blogger londonminimalists and it got me thinking about our present situation living without “stuff”. We are currently living in our friend’s apartment. Monsieur P isn’t living there at the moment and, luckily for us, had a fully furnished apartment in the city in France we wanted to live in. Monsieur P is a minimalist without even knowing it’s a thing. His apartment is sparsely furnished, but has all the necessities such as fridge, washing machine, couch, beds etc.

Being the (hopefully reformed) maximalists that we are, naturally when we were faced with this situation, our automatic response was to go shopping and get all the extras we “needed”. However, because we want to save our money, and try to be minimalists, we did not do that. One of the few things we did buy was a couple of baskets for the kids toys to make cleaning up easier. After a couple of weeks I was getting annoyed that there was no washing basket to carry my clothes from the bathroom onto the balcony. So I emptied one of the toy baskets, which were probably already emptied by the kids, and I used it. Now a few months on I genuinely cannot think why you would want a specific basket just for washing. It makes sense that if you have to have “stuff” then make sure they have more than one use. For example we don’t have wine glasses, but now I love drinking out of the basic IKEA glasses we have, and it also makes me feel very French. We don’t have a kettle and just use a saucepan on the stove.

A couple of years ago I read this article by Sarah Wilson. It is all about what things she doesn’t own in her home. I loved the idea, but at that time I was living in a fully stocked house, so naturally it made no sense to get rid of perfectly functioning things, because at the end of the day, it’s not only about having less, its about not consuming more. I didn’t think I would ever be in the situation I am now, and I still have a whole bunch of “stuff” in storage in Australia, but for now it is so nice to have less. And whilst I love that for Sarah Wilson her house is easier to tidy, my house only ever stays tidy for about a minute because I have two daughters who wreak havoc wherever they go. For more on double use items I highly recommend reading the blog paris-to-go, she is so inspiring. I have read some of her posts numerous times.




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