We spent a week here in August. If you read my previous post you will know the first few days were absolutely freezing, but thankfully we managed to have a few glorious days of swimming

We were staying just outside of Bordeaux near a huge lake. As an Australian I’ve never really experienced lakes before, and this beautiful body of water made me wish I had a few more days of sunshine. I love how the French really enjoy their holiday time. People would come to the lake, set up and then spend the entire day there. I also love that there was elegant cafe looking over the lake. I loved swimming for a couple of hours and then going to drink coffee and eat icecream. Even when it was pouring with rain it was nice to sit and watch the view.
Some interesting things I noticed, we were the only ones on the beach before midday and the only ones with kids in hats and rashies. But in France, unlike Australia, it only really heats up at 2pm, instead of midday. So my Australian instincts were to rush out the door in the morning so we could leave by 10am, but sometimes it was still too cold to swim by ten even if the temperatures reached 30 degrees during the day.
I didn’t get to properly look around the city of Bordeaux because both times I tried my eldest daughter wasn’t feeling well. Traveling with kids generally means that sometimes you just have to let go of any plans. I hope to return one day and see it for all its beauty.

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