French Pharmacy Products


Although I would love to have a simple streamlined beauty routine, using only natural products, oils and water, the last 5 years have been difficult for my skin. I would describe my skin as being combination sensitive skin with a predisposition to rosacea. In the last 5 years I have moved from the mountains to the coast then back to the mountains. I’ve been pregnant twice and spent almost three years breastfeeding. I’ve also travelled overseas and within Australia a lot within those years, and now I’m living in France. My skin does not appreciate change, pregnancy hormones wreaked havoc on my skin and then breastfeeding turned it into an oily yet dry mess. When I find something that works, after a few months, my skin usually freaks out, and I need to change it up. I also enjoy trying out new products. The one thing I am trying to do is ensure that I use all the product before moving onto a new one.
I have read many blog posts where people talk about the wonders of the French Pharmacy beauty products. So I’m going to review the different ones I try whilst I’m here.
The first is Eau Thermale Avène, Crème peaux intolérantes. This moisturiser is for sensitive and irritable skin and is perfect for my skin. It’s gentle and feels very soothing. It is moisturising without feeling too heavy. I highly recommend it. As you can see from the photo I am down to the very last drops. If I didn’t want to try other ones I would definitely buy this again. In fact I’ll probably buy some before we return to Australia.

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