Essential “Stuff” I need

After writing this blog post about living without stuff I started to think about what are single use “things” that I feel are necessary for me. Something I wish we had bought when we arrived is a vase. I love having fresh flowers, to me having fresh flowers makes a house feel like a home. I had thought I would find some old bottle to repurpose, but in reality a good vase really needs to be purpose made so that it can fit a bunch of flowers in it. Although having said that in Australia I have a water jug I was given for my wedding that I use as a vase. But I don’t every really use it as a water jug.

Coffee plunger! My husband and I are massive coffee lovers, and luckily we didn’t have to buy a plunger because there was already one from when my husband was here last.

The following are the things we bought that I  felt we couldn’t live without:

  • Water filter
  • Spare towels and bedding. We went a couple of months without having doubles, but in the end having kids, and living in an apartment, means sometimes you just can’t get things washed and dried within a day. I miss my outdoor clothesline at home!
  • A pair of kid sized chairs from IKEA to go with a coffee table that was already here.  The girls love sitting at their own table and reading, drawing, eating, playing etc.
  • Christmas decorations for the tree. But we will take a few of these home and give the rest away to families we know.

Other things that I do miss and would buy if we were staying here longer are:

  • Magic bullet: this was a game changer for me and at home I use it at least once a day to make smoothies, dips, pasta sauce, even chopping up garlic.
  • Juicer: again I use this almost every day as well to make sure my girls get extra veggies into them. My dad bought me a juicer when I was teenager and I have owned one ever since.
  • And something that in Australia that is essential for me is a rotary clothes line. I just love how nice clothes and linen smell after being outside in the sunshine for a day. Did i mention how much I miss my clothes line?



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