Postpartum Hair Loss and a French Haircut


I never have never been one of those women for whom pregnancy is a beautiful, glowing experience, except when it comes to my hair, pregnancy hair for me is a dream. My hair becomes thicker, has more lustre and, the best of all, only needs to be washed every 4-5 days. postpartum hair on the other hand is a disaster. Breastfeeding has not been kind to my hair. Pre-babies I had fine, dark blonde, slightly wavy, prone to getting oily, hair. It was never thick, but I didn’t have any problems with it other than it would only grow a little past my shoulders. Once I started breastfeeding my hair just becomes weak, damaged and oily. It doesn’t help that after having both my babies i’ve immediately lightened my hair in an attempt to look less drab after long nights breastfeeding.
I’m not sure if I lost so much hair after having my first baby, however 6 months after having my second baby I noticed millions of tiny hairs sticking out all over my head. I had had a huge amount of hairloss. I had read  many articles about women talking about this hairless, but I wasn’t prepared for it. When I went to a hairdresser in Australia she took one look at me and asked if I was breastfeeding. My hairdresser assured me that the new hairs would actually grow back faster than other hair grows. I’m not sure if this is true but it certainly made me feel better.
The process of it all growing back is actually worse than the loss of the hair. At the moment if I put my hair up it looks like I have a mullet. My hair texture has also changed. The new hair is growing back ever so slightly curlier. I will be really happy if this means I will have more curl in my hair, however, a mass of curlier short hairs growing through my straighter, damaged hair, is not a good look.
I got my hair cut to just above my shoulders before we left Australia and planned on letting it grow until we returned, because I was too nervous about getting my haircut when my French is not so good. But it was looking so terrible out, and since putting it up gave me a bogan mullet, I decided to bite the bullet and get a haircut. Not many people in our city speak much English so I armed myself with all the words I thought I would need, along with a photo of a haircut I liked. It turned out that the hairdresser could speak English. The haircutting technique was different to Australia. He semi dried it and then cut it freestyle looking at the movement in my hair. I got it cut into a longish bob above my shoulders and I really like it.
I am genuinely surprised how much this postpartum hair loss has affected me and my confidence in myself. I didn’t think I would care as much as I do. And getting my hair cut then brings with it all those fears of having the dreaded “mum hair”. But now I understand why so many mothers have short hair. Also after writing this blog post I searched #postpartumhairloss and I realised that it can be much worse. To any of you mothers out there suffering postpartum hairless I feel your pain and you are not alone.

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