Enrolling an Australian Child in a French School

For anyone who has experienced French bureaucracy you will know the huge amount of paperwork and time it takes to get anything done. Those that haven’t experienced it let me tell you generally to do something simple it will involve 5 steps before you can do the actual thing you want to do. For example to enrol our daughter for lunch at her French school we had to call someone, to receive a code, so that we could then register, to get another code to actually register.

Enrolling our 3 year old Australian daughter into school was one of the easiest process we have ever encounter. We filled in the forms, then took them into the Hôtel de Ville, a lady there entered the information and voilà we were enrolled. The French are very proud, and rightly so, that they provide education to everyone. It is completely free for any child living in France to attend school.I know in Australia for a foreigner to even attend a public school it’s around $4,000.



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