A few weeks ago I decided to really get back into my fitness. My eldest daughter was about to turn 4 and I realised that in reality I only have about 8 more years to really set a good example to her on how to live her life. In this world of eating disorders, plastic sugary, and bad body image, I want my girls to see their bodies as beautiful and strong.

So I started Kayla Itsines  Bikini Body Guide BBG, again. The BBG is 12 weeks worth of 28 minutes of exercises.  You do it three times a week and each day consists of two sets of exercises which you do twice for a maximum of 7 minutes.  It seems easy enough but it is actually a killer work out. I got this guide over a year ago and started and stopped quite a few times, each time because i’d hurt my back, but this time I’m determined. I am now at week 6. I did hurt my back in week 3 or 4 and then took a week off for Christmas. But instead of giving up I have been taking it slow and easy if I feel I need it. I’m only a few months off turning 35 and this really is the time to get the body I have always wanted. Whilst I would love to say I am only interested in being strong and setting a good example for my girls, but I also want to be fit and look good.

I got immediate results with being a good example for my girls straight away. As I started day 1 both my girls started copying me. As I started doing squats with my temporary weights in hands, my eldest daughter ran around looking for something she could use as weights. She grabbed a couple of her My Little Pony’s and started squatting. She then looked at me and said “we are so strong aren’t we Mama?”, I hadn’t even said anything! Now when I exercise they both usually join in for a bit.


Because I didn’t want to buy any equipment the above photo shows my current workout equipment. A couch, side table, and for weights old milk bottles filled with water and a couple of (surprisingly heavy)  doorstops. Sometimes I have to adapt the exercises a little bit, but I’m really determined to keep going no matter what.